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This live workshop was canceled due to Covid-19. Our plan is to reschedule summer 2022.  

Keeping the Wonder Workshop: A Secondary ELA Workshop in magical Sedona, Arizona! 

This workshop-style professional development event will leave you feeling inspired to engage your students in literature and prepared to help them master their ELA standards. Hosted by four secondary English educators, Keeping the Wonder is specifically for high school and middle school English teachers who want to learn teacher-tested strategies that will help them connect their students to the magic of literature. 

Elementary teachers spend their entire careers building a love of reading, but as secondary English teachers, we run the risk of tearing down this foundation with rigidity disguised as rigor. Magic, whimsy, and play don't have to end in elementary school. Join us for a hands-on workshop where you will learn alongside four English educators plus diverse guest presenters who strive to create engaging classrooms full of wonder! 

Theme: The theme for this PD is directly influenced by the natural magic of Sedona, Arizona. Sessions will revolve around emPOWERING young writers, engineering ENERGY in ELA, and creating a classroom of mystical WONDER. You will leave with lots of easy-to-implement GEMS for your secondary ELA students! 

Timetable (subject to change slightly) :

8:45 am  Sign in, grab an iced coffee, and mingle among the stunning landscape of Sedona. 

9:00 am The workshop begins with some opening fun!

*Specific morning schedule coming later! 

12:00 (ish) Collaboration lunch with your newly made ELA friends on site (lunch will be provided!)

*Specific afternoon schedule coming later!

4:00 close PD but anticipate lingering until 5pm! 



If you stay at the Sky Rock Inn of Sedona which is within walking distance of the Agave Event Center, we will be having a CASUAL work session with a coffee shop vibe on the morning of July 1st. Based on feedback, we want to provide a time and space for more collaboration! This work session is completely optional, but we think it will end up being extremely valuable! We hope that you will join us! 



Use our HIGHLY discounted hotel link to book here: Discount Booking Link 


While this workshop is not accredited by an educational institution, it possible to receive 7 hours of professional development credits per approval from your school district. When our workshop ends, you will be given a certificate of completion. In addition to possible PD credits, you will receive all of the materials used in our workshops as well as gain access to our private Facebook group for Wonder Workshop graduates.

Your ticket price includes seven possible PD credit hours per prior approval from your district, approximately $50 worth of teaching materials, refreshments/lunch, valuable expertise from presenters, and a priceless room full of like-minded English teachers. 

Important Information: 
It is very important that we get each participant's name personal email address. If you are registering for someone else, please include this information in the notes or email me at We will be communicating via email leading up to the event. We will also send our workshop materials via email. 

While we are unable to give refunds for the summer workshop, we will gladly help attendees find someone to transfer/sell their ticket to if something comes up. However, this does create A LOT of extra work on our behalf, so we ask that you be mindful and keep your ticket if at all possible or find someone to purchase it from you. 

Please pay with credit card if at all possible. Some schools can only pay via check, so I added that option for a limited time, but a credit card is highly preferred! If your school needs to do a P.O. please have the bookkeeper email me at 

Agave of Sedona is an event space. Our whole group sessions will be indoors, but we will have some breakout sessions in a covered outdoor area. Yes, it will be hot, but they have fans and the breakout sessions will not last for extended periods of time. Please take this information into consideration before you book! 



If you would like to read about our first workshop, you can find that information here: Keeping the Wonder Workshop: A Workshop for Secondary ELA Teachers  and below are some of the reviews from our past workshops: 

"I walked away with so many wonderful ideas that I can practically and easily implement. Thank you for hosting this incredible event!"


"The enthusiasm of the presenters was infectious and all materials presented are useful in any ELA setting!"


"This was extremely practical and the activities can be used with all types of learners. The presenters were organized and positive. They truly love being teachers."


"The information was current, relevant, and gave me fresh new ideas from people who are currently in the classroom. Everyone exceeded my expectations. Great job ladies!"


"Teachers learn the most from other teachers. Sharing your passions in the classroom just may ignite a passion in someone else!"


"This was an absolutely magical experience. I learned a great deal, and I will definitely attend again if it’s ever done again. It was great to be surrounded by teachers who love what they do."


"The fresh new ideas were presented with passion! Can't wait to use the various resources presented. Great job, ladies!"


"Not one minute was wasted at this workshop. I was able to get something from each station and lesson, and it was clear the presenters had spent time in developing the material presented. The handouts were especially helpful. This workshop was about collaboration and creativity— the presenters were so generous in the information shared and material provided to help the participants shape the lessons learned into the best fit for their classrooms."


"This workshop truly was magical. Between the energy of the presenters and the great ideas I can bring to my own classroom, I would give this workshop an A+!"


"The energy and enthusiasm of each the presenter were amazing!! My two co-workers and I spent the entire 7-hour drive home brainstorming ways to implement and expand on all of the ideas that we saw and heard. I also loved the number of participants being small so we could get to know one another and share ideas."


"Amazing workshop! I thought the presenters were very prepared, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. It was well worth the 5 1/2 hour drive!"


"I totally loved spending the day with you all. It was great PD in a one-of-a-kind, whimsical venue! I loved every minute!! Thank you for dreaming big!"


"This workshop was very organized and well thought out. I felt like every presentation's content and delivery was excellent, and I walked away feeling like I could teach every single item that was presented. I could easily visualize how I would use each strategy/lesson/technology/activity in my classroom."


"It was absolutely fantastic, positive, and unbelievably inspiring, especially for a first-year teacher. I want to start my career on the right foot, and with the resources and lessons I learned from everyone at the workshop, this is a definite step in the right direction."

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