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We believe that teachers are magical.

our mission

By being an educator, you directly influence the course of events in the lives of children. You have the power to lead, inspire, and transform. Our mission here at Keeping the Wonder is to help you to realize the magic within yourself and feel empowered by your talents.

you are sure to leave inspired!

our workshops

Magic, whimsy, and play don't have to end when standards begin. Join us for an interactive workshop where you will learn alongside teachers who strive to create engaging classrooms full of wisdom and wonder!

You are sure to leave inspired.png

our book

Praised as an indispensable guide for sparking the sense of wonder in your classroom, Keeping the Wonder will help you discover the four elements you need to create joyful, magical learning experiences for your students.

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About us.png

about us

The core four of us -- Ashley, Jenna, Abby, and Staci -- connected in 2018 through a mutual love of teaching, engaging, creating, and learning. We have since hosted four live workshops, launched a library of virtual Keeping the Wonder sessions, and wrote a collaborative book that both informs and inspires. Learn more about us and the expert Wonder Makers we have met along the way.

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