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Are your students tired of the same old lessons? Are you bored with your own curriculum? Would you like to learn practical strategies to create lessons that are compelling and effective?

The Keeping the Wonder Workshop is for you!


The Keeping the Wonder Workshop is a professional development opportunity that will reinvigorate your passion for teaching and prepare you to create wonder-filled lessons for your students. 

Are you ready to see the ideas from Keeping the Wonder: An Educator's Guide to Magical, Engaging, and Joyful Learning come to life? Join us for an immersive Book Companion Workshop on May 5th 2023 at Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh, PA where you’ll collect elements of wonder through live demonstrations and collaboration. 


After attending, you’ll have all the inspiration and tools you need to make next school year full of wonder for you and your students. And if you so choose, you’ll also be equipped to replicate this Keeping the Wonder Book Companion Workshop for your school district. 


Whether your goal is to connect with other Wonder Makers, become certified to bring the wonder to your district, add sparkle to your standards, or revamp your lesson plans, this Keeping the Wonder Book Companion Workshop is for you! 

Hosted by four secondary English educators and supported by expert presenters, our virtual Keeping the Wonder Workshop is for educators who want to learn teacher-tested strategies to help their students master the standards while discovering the magic of learning.

Your virtual ticket includes three seasons of wonder-filled presentations, over 16 possible PD credit hours per prior approval from your district, over $100 worth of teaching materials, unlimited replays, valuable expertise from presenters, and a priceless community full of like-minded English teachers.


Many of our workshop attendees receive funding to attend this workshop. We encourage you to ask your school district if PD funds are available!


Praise for keeping the wonder virtual workshop

This workshop was absolutely life-changing. I feel empowered and confident in using everything I learned to make a memorable and engaging learning experience for my students this year and for always. Thank you!


There were many examples and editable handouts available! It makes implementing these ideas so much easier. The daunting amount of planning time is cut down so much that it would be stupid NOT to use these materials. I also love how many of the presenters back up their ideas/strategies with educational research.


I loved the "bite sized" pieces! Each session was manageable in terms of time...I could watch, take notes, begin to create my own lessons and then jump back to teaching (sometimes I watched on my lunch!)


I have been able to add so much to my teacher toolbox just from Season 1! I cannot wait to continue learning. This resource was well worth the cost and I am so grateful to these teachers for putting it together! 


If you want to bring some magic, fun, and excitement back into your classroom, THIS workshop is the way to do it!! So many fun and exciting ideas to implement easily! This is exactly what I've been looking for. I want students to see my class as the most fun part of their day, and this will help me to do just that. I can't thank you girls enough for allowing the virtual attendees to get this information.

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