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Attendees at a Keeping the Wonder Workshop

Bring ktw to your school

Are you ready to see the ideas from Keeping the Wonder: An Educator's Guide to Magical, Engaging, and Joyful Learning come to life? Bring us to your school for an immersive Book Companion Workshop where you’ll collect elements of wonder through live demonstrations and collaboration.

This workshop will provide inspiration and tools to make next school year full of wonder for your teachers and your students.

Thank you for your interest! You'll hear from us soon!


Our structured half-day workshop begins with an interactive warm-up and welcome activity and moves through four 45-minute sessions related to each element of wonder: Surprise, Curiosity, Freedom, and Inspiration. Our sessions include opportunities for collaboration, problem solving, movement, choice, and brainstorming.


At the conclusion of our structured half-day workshop, you can choose to extend the learning to a full-day of learning with a coaching afternoon where we'll work in small groups with teachers as they plan a unit or lesson using our Wonder Wheel Planner.

Teachers will leave our professional development day with all of the inspiration and tools they need to bring the magic of wonder to their students!

For pricing, please use the contact form above. 

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