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 W O R K S H O P

Are you ready to learn new ways to engage in ELA? 

Dates & Locations:

2022 Live (we hope)
Sedona, Arizona
We now offer a virtual library full of our Keeping the Wonder Workshop sessions! 
We have 3 seasons ready for you to attend! Just hit play and virtually receive practical and passionate ELA PD content.
A Wonder-Filled Secondary ELA Workshop 


This workshop-style professional development event will leave you feeling inspired to engage your students in literature and prepared to help them master their ELA standards. Hosted by four secondary English teachers, Keeping the Wonder is specifically for high school and middle school English teachers who want to learn teacher-tested strategies that will help them connect their students to the magic of literature.



Elementary teachers spend their entire careers building a love of reading, but as secondary English teachers, we run the risk of tearing down this foundation with rigidity disguised as rigor. Magic, whimsy, and play don't have to end in elementary school. Join us for a hands-on workshop where you will learn alongside teachers who strive to create engaging classrooms full of wonder!



This will be our THIRD season of hosting our Keeping the Wonder Workshop, and each new season has all new ideas and strategies. Whether this is your first time or third time, you are sure to leave inspired!


Stay tuned and keep up to date on our Instagram account





Ashley Bible is a former high school English teacher turned curriculum designer who strives to build a creative learning environment for all students. She holds a Master of Arts Degree in English from East Tennessee State University. After gaining ten years of teaching experience, Ashley recently transitioned into PD delivery, curriculum design, and workshop organizer.

Ashley Bible Building Book Love

Jenna Copper is a full-time high school English teacher and a part-time college professor specializing in perspective-taking learning to build critical reading and writing. She earned her Ph.D. in Education in 2013. In addition, she is a curriculum writer and researcher, and she designs resources to inspire creative thinking.

Staci Lamb is a high school English teacher committed to engaging students, sparking creativity, and empowering other educators. She is currently serving as the 2018 Cecil County Public Schools Teacher of the Year, and she is pursuing her master’s degree in School Leadership. She is passionate about transforming classrooms and schools through collaboration between all stakeholders of education.

Abby Gross is a high school American Literature, journalism, and newspaper teacher who is dedicated to engaging and empowering her students. She is committed to designing authentic learning experiences and loves finding creative ways to “trick students into learning.” Abby firmly believes that you can have FUN and keep the magic in secondary without sacrificing rigor.

Expert Guest Presenters TBA!


"I walked away with so many wonderful ideas that I can practically and easily implement. Thank you for hosting this incredible event!"



If you would like to sponsor our event by sending swag or literary gifts, please contact

Ashley Bible at the email address:

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We are thrilled to announce our first sponsor! Pocket Points is the perfect fit for our hands-on workshop because it's an app that rewards students (and teachers!) for staying off their phones. It's absolutely free to use and allows teachers to set rewards for time spent off phones in class. We are going to test it during our workshop to see if you think it's the right fit for your classroom! Check out their website here: 



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